Clear mines, progress through level that become harder and harder.

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Sometimes you just want to play a game. As a frontend developer on OS X, I was missing the amazing experience back in the day, when minesweeper was available on the old Windows machines. Now, especially on OS X, minesweeper isn't available. I didn't want to search online, because I feared navigating through heaps of advertisement, cookie-consents, and you-don't-have-flash-installed banners. I had to build minesweeper myself.

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Here you go. My own Minesweeper. Created with a lot of love, sound, and a level system in place that makes it almost addictive to play. Once I had shared it, it took half an hour for the first few friends to master the last level. They demanded for more. So I introduced more difficult levels. Which level can you beat?

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My role

Developing minesweeper with pure react was a walk in the park. It took me a day until I could publish it, then I improved it the next day. Most challenging was making it browser-compatible, mobile-compatible, and adding the double-click-to-sweep-expand feature.

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