The PULSE app allowed users to choose a sponsor to create their own live event. The ios app included an event-based photo-sharing service. Photos were shared using a slingshot technique, which was inspired by our project partner Rovio, the company who made Angry Birds.

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ME310 is a very special product design and engineering course tought at Stanford University. Working together with 3 students from Aalto University and 4 students from Kyoto Institute of Technology, we had the challenge to reinvent advertising.

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Project Partner

Our corporate partner for this project was the Finnish game development company Rovio Entertainment. They are mostly known for their very successful mobile game Angry Birds and many other related games. Advertising for them provides great challenges and opportunities.

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Our solution is a new advertising concept: Choose your sponsor. It replaces traditionally pushed advertising by pull. People want to engage with their favorite brands and share that with their friends, you just need to give them the opportunity to do so. We developed an App to test this concept: PULSE, a sponsored event platform. See more in this video.

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My role

When building our final prototype, I was responsible for the iOS development of our PULSE app. Like every team member, I was working by the design innovation process, that includes iterative brainstorming, prototyping and testing. In addition, this course changed my life and way of thinking.

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