Kandinsky Questionnaire

Wassily Kandinsky asked his students: Do color and shape have a close aesthetic relationship? This survey repeats the research question in an online questionnaire.

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When Wassily Kandinsky had been a lecturer at Bauhaus, he posed a questionnaire to his students. Do color and shape have a close aesthetic relationship? Does a certain shape afford to be filled with a certain color? But Kandinsky only asked a couple of students and seemed to validate his own prediction: yellow triangle, red square, blue circle. However, this had been the exact order he suggested the colors on the questionnaire sheet.

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Kandinsky Questionnaire repeats the experiment. Closely modelled after the original questionnaire, the site allows participants to provide their gender, nationality and a rationale for their choice. Yet, since this is the web, the three colors are suggested in random order, eliminating the bias in Kandinsky's experiment. Responses so far are quite interesting and will be published soon.

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My role

For this rather simple 3-days project, I used the opportunity to polish my private React / Redux template for single page webapps. Finally I had some time to take care of it, which left me with a great oh-my-pencils-are-sharp-again kind of feeling. I even created a small node backend to capture people's responses, using express and sequelize + a postgres database. Even mocha unit tests!

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