The latest movie program of Berlin's 'Cinestar' cinema at Potsdamer Platz. Simple, without ads.

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What is not so great about the latest movie cinema websites? They're full of advertisement, which consumes all your mobile traffic, they take ages to load and still, they don't manage to deliver on the most basic requirement anymore: showing you, which movie runs when. For this particular cinema, I've asked 'why' in an email, but they never responded. So I had an idea.

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Cinesimple is plain and simple. A site that shows you, which movie runs when, in a – ... wait for it ... – table! In this case, Cinesimple only covers my own favorite cinema. But it could be extended to various cinemas quite easily. It's optimized for pure information at the least possible distraction.

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My role

Most of the time, I've been eating popcorn, smiling and joyfully developing this idea as a tiny React app over the course of two days. Now it's automated. Every night, up-to-date movie data is fetched, a robot re-bundles the site and re-launches it. I've added IMDB and movie trailer links. Ever since then, I have been relying on Cinesimple for going to this cinema.

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