Amp Five

A todo website that helps you break down everything into tiny tasks.

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Do you know that moment when you're pleasantly losing yourself in a task? You focus effortlessly. You proceed from task to subtask, to another task. Suddenly you wake up and you wonder: Wait, why am I doing this again? Your brain sometimes breaks down trying to break down a task? Time for clarity!

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Introducing Amp Five. The pleasant todo app. When your brain is productive, beta waves are emitted with a low amplitude. Amp Five helps you reach your goals by creating cards that can be broken down into subcards. Infinite hierarchy. You can mark cards as in progress, or as complete, drag & drop them, and undo any action.

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My role

Amplitude five is my first experiment with React and Redux (ES6, a little bit of Express, lots of flexbox) and I have to say I'm delighted with the developer experience. I had to deal with hierarchical data structures, route management, usability.

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