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Companies & institutions, who have worked with me as a contractor since 2018. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with their teams in creating digital products. As a self-employed software engineer, it is rewarding to me to be part of different working cultures, creating product value every day while also learning from everyone involved at the same time.


As a software engineer, much of my creative work tends to remain hidden behind the scenes at the companies I work for. However, there are instances when projects are open-source or when I can openly discuss my work. Occasionally, I even manage to create a public project of my own. Here are my primary projects that can be publicly referenced.

Older projects

Most of the following are either old projects, side projects I've worked on as a student, or quick ideas I've prototyped together with friends. It's a mix! Raw. Unpolished. Just like life.

Secret Section

Collection of links to smaller projects, old and new. Projects that haven't made it into the list above. They're quick experiments, and it's probably hard to understand what they're about. Have fun exploring!

Bundeshaushalt 2024– a compact visualization of the German federal budget
Timeblocking– calendar UI experiment, desktop / shortcuts only
Einbürgerungstest– to practice for the German citizenship test
Color Palette Detective– to find names for colors and color palettes
Product book– a browser app to collect product ideas concisely
Game of life– an experiment on react component memoization
Tractatus– an exploration of tree navigation UI
Exponentialicious– an experiment on exponential growth
Mandelbrot– rendering the Mandelbrot set on HTML canvas (CPU/slow)
Crochet– a custom crochet pattern generator built for a friend
Connect 4– quickly built to prep for an interview
Decline– an angry popup parody


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