Vocab Training

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Learning vocabulary by typing the answers


A website that helps with training vocabulary. Users add decks of cards as CSV. One card is trained at a time via prompt-and-answer.


I'm learning japanese, so there is a ton of vocabulary I want to learn in the fastest way possible. I needed a system that simply asks me for a word and repeats wrong words at the end until I typed them all correctly at least once.


So I built Vocab Training, which is a Rails website that does exactly that! It even tracks how much time I've spend on every word as well as how often I've trained and failed at it. The data is then visualized as statistics with graphs.

My role

I finally refreshed my Rails knowledge! The UI is written in coffeescript and I used Flots, which is an awesome plotting library for jQuery. You can add and edit your own word lists, it's all public!