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Purpose discovery toolbox


Are you aware of your purpose? We've digitalized a tool – called IKIGAI – that's usually used in self-transformation workshops.


Today, the only way to solve large society-scale problems is to work together effectively in large groups. What makes large groups effective? We believe it's when the individuals' purposes align with the common purpose they're working towards. But nowadays, a lot of people are stuck. They don't know who they want to be and where they're going. They're missing an internalized purpose. So we set out to tackle that topic first: How can we make individuals more aware of their purpose?


Luckily, there are tools in transformation coaching that help individuals become aware of your purpose. These tools function in a real-world setting, offline. One of those tools is the IKIGAI tool. At thegarden.one, we've rebuild the tool in the digital world, so that anyone can go through the purpose-building process on their own time, at their own place.

My role

I've been working together with a friend: Tram Ho Dac. She's a transformation coach and knows these tools from inside out. While she directed the concept and writing for this project, I designed and built the web interface using react, hooks, redux, and node.