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Square-finding game


Clear squares with matching corner colors. There are native apps for this game, but they're all full of advertising. So I re-made the game, browser-based, free to play for everyone – no ads.


Nowadays, many games contain a lot of advertisement. They drain your phone battery with complex animations and effects. They show pop up pay walls when the fun starts. I understand that. But sometimes a game is so good and so simple, that I'm thinking: Let me remake this.


Squared is my re-implementation of a game that I used to have on my smart phone. Squared is free to play, doesn't drain your battery and most importantly: it has no ads. Have fun playing!

My role

Squared took around 4 days of work, from start to finish. Squared is programmed with react and hooks. The trickiest part was to build a nice, fading overlay on top of the cleared sqare. A small mongodb keeps track of the highscores.