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Full API-CMS based, multilingual, blogging system


A blog that allows to draft, write blog posts in Japanese and English, pulls them in, server-side-renders them in rails into a custom-made design.


At Goodpatch one of our products is a prototyping tool called Prott. We needed a blogging platform to provide our users with product news, features and other intersting information related to prototyping.


It's live! Since we didn't like wordpress, we set out to try something new. The solution is a multi language (Japanese | English) blog based on You can browse the lastest articles, filter by category, see the post's author and share. See more details in a blog post I wrote.

My role

We started sketching together and Kinugawa-san created the design in photoshop. The coding (front-end in Coffeescript, Sass and Jade, back-end in Rails) was done by me. I used as the "database" and CMS for this blog.