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IKIGAI – theGarden

Purpose discovery toolbox


Are you aware of your purpose? We've digitalized a tool – called IKIGAI – that's usually used in self-transformation workshops.

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SiaSearch (prev. 'Redfish')

Video Clip Filtering Tool


A tool to filter a large amount of video clip data along semantic attributes. Seasearch allows autonomous driving engineers to find relevant data for driving scenarios, quickly.

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Document Editor

Drag and Drop form creation tool


Cluttered paper forms are tedious to fill out. The document editor web application allows to design, layout, and generate digital forms. Drag and drop makes creating forms simple.

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Paraglider comparison website


An online catalogue of paraglider wings. Equipped with a lot of structured wing data and color options, Gliderbase allows pilots to find fitting wings for their body weight.

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Interactive Query Creation Tool


A web application that allows to formulate complex queries against big databases. The query concepts are drag-and-dropped to form logical connections. Results can be further restricted by filters and date range.

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Square-finding game


Clear squares with matching corner colors. There are native apps for this game, but they're all full of advertising. So I re-made the game, browser-based, free to play for everyone – no ads.

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Classic game, ported to the modern web


Clear mines, progress through level that become harder and harder.

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Amp Five

Hierarchical Todo App


A todo website that helps you break down everything into tiny tasks.

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Star Coordinates

Multi-value CSV visualization tool


Star-coordinates is a way to map any amount of numerical dimensions to a 2D space. Drop a file, drag the dimensions, mark and filter the rows you need and re-export as CSV.

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Life is complicated enough


The latest movie program of Berlin's 'Cinestar' cinema at Potsdamer Platz. Simple, without ads.

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Kandinsky Questionnaire

Survey on the relationship between color and shape


Wassily Kandinsky asked his students: Do color and shape have a close aesthetic relationship? This survey repeats the research question in an online questionnaire.

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Layout algorithm from 3D to Lego


Given a 3D voxel model, I wrote an algorithm that joins voxels into larger lego bricks and optimizes the resulting brick layout towards high stability.

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Prott Blog

Full API-CMS based, multilingual, blogging system


A blog that allows to draft, write blog posts in Japanese and English, pulls them in, server-side-renders them in rails into a custom-made design.

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Paper Motivator

Gamification for writing


A web application that counts words, summarizes statistics, and allows writers to share progress with their friends.

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GFX/UI - Experiments

Experiements with javascript, CSS and graphics libraries


These tiny website experiments helped me exploring. I've created a pie menu UI, and two particle systems.

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Pull-based advertising concept and app


The PULSE app allowed users to choose a sponsor to create their own live event. The ios app included an event-based photo-sharing service. Photos were shared using a slingshot technique, which was inspired by our project partner Rovio, the company who made Angry Birds.

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SUGAR Homepage

Website for the ME310 SUGAR community


ME310 is a global design and engineering course, initiated by Stanford University. Teams from universities around the world collaborate to solve a design challenge for an industry partner. SUGAR projects are those student projects that don't include a Stanford student team.

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West or East Berlin

"Am I in former West or East Berlin?"


A mobile website that checks whether you're in the former East or in the former West Berlin.

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Vocab Training

Learning vocabulary by typing the answers


A website that helps with training vocabulary. Users add decks of cards as CSV. One card is trained at a time via prompt-and-answer.

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3D Game Center

3D Modelling a game center


To give investors and future customers an idea of the planned game center, I've created a 3D model.

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